Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, June 28

Jen and Marceaux came back this past weekend from their two weeks at Joni and Friends camps. John and Sue are staying upstairs with the guys. Tony, Tim, Tim, Chrissy and McKenna came home from their Kenyan missions trip Saturday night. Everyone laid pretty low on Sunday, but things were in full swing today. Tim was out to Camp Daniel early picking up where Karol left of on tiling in the dorm bathroom. Tony was working on all sorts of camp things. The phone rang off the hook. Cherylee Hamilton (who grew up going to Salvation Army camps on our property) came with her family for their annual picnic. Wendy Kolbusz came to bring some items that she and her husband wanted to donate after cleaning out their garage. Laurie Hucek came to weed her adopted garden. Molly's mom and grandma came for lunch and to bring Molly a new kitchen table and chairs. The electric company was here moving an electric box. Chrissy and the kids came over for a while to touch base regarding camp stuff.

After high school, Molly moved to Georgia for two years to nanny for a girl with mental disabilities. We've heard lots about Molly's time in Georgia with Leah and her family. Molly is very excited to have her here for a month. She'll be staying with Molly until camp starts, then she'll be at two weeks of camp before her mom flies back from Georgia to pick her up. We're excited to get to know Leah, as she's such an important part of Molly's life.

Last Saturday was the annual Able picnic at Bay Beach. There was lots of food and fun for everyone in attendance.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunday, June 20

Here's a picture of Anthony mowing the lawn for the first time. He did a great job! And Karol was happy to have help mowing, with almost everyone gone from Camp Daniel.
This week, Karol's sister, Janice came to camp to help Karol out with camp stuff. They went thru all of the dresses for French Night and sized them. They pulled out a bunch to fix and shorten. They also went thru all of the prizes for the carnival and bingo. They also helped Molly paint her bedroom ( the pic below)............. and the living room/kitchen/dining area/hallway.

Jen and Marceaux are still at Joni and Friends camp, Tim, Tim and Tony are in Kenya, & John is in Minnesota. Sue came back from MN this week, and Molly spent half of the week at the Kelly's, watching Micah and Kaden.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday, June 14

Sorry it's been so long since the last blog. Thing have been pretty hectic. Tony and Tim were very busy getting ready for the trip to Africa by getting as much done on the grounds as possible, getting stuff ready for camp, buying supplies for the trip, and packing 2 plus weeks worth of stuff into one 50 pound bag. On the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, the missions group had a huge rummage sale and church. On Sunday, Tony, John, Jen, Molly, Marceaux and Tim Mandich all loaded into the bus after church to make their way to Minnesota for Special Touch Summer Getaway. I believe that this is their 4th consecutive year at that camp. Tony, John and Jen were the speakers for the morning chapels of the physically disabled group. Molly and Marceaux were counselors. Tim was supposed to be a counselor, but his camper couldn't come to camp at the last minute, so Tim worked with the sound crew, and got to see the inner workings of a camp. That camp ended on Friday, June 4. Tony met up with Karol and the kids in Chicago for a family wedding. On Sunday, they went to the Museum of Science and Industry.

After the weekend, it was time to get all of the details done before leaving for Kenya. Tony spent two days working on camper/counselor matchups before leaving. Tim had to buy 21 totes, fill them with tools and pack 'em up. They stayed up all night before getting on the bus at 4 am on thursday morning. Tony's goal was to sleep as much as possible on the airplanes.

Before leaving for Kenya, Karol and Tim did get further in the dorms. Below shows the tile partially done in the shower area. The floors are now done in "Silver Birch". The dye used was black and brown. The bathroom floor and counters match. The two dorm rooms are now clean and ready for bunkbeds for the group that will be using them this summer.
Tony, Karol, Annissa and Anthony at Ed Debevic's in Chicago. The kids loved the authentic 50's feel and the sassy waitstaff. Not too often that it's okay to shoot straw wrappers at the waiter!! It got them excited for 50's night at camp.

Jen and Marceaux have left for Joni and Friends summer camp in Michigan. Since getting back from camp in Minnesota, Molly moved from the Craft Cabin into what was John and Sue's place. The Koch's have a few pieces of furniture left, but they're essentially moved to MN. After we paint, I'll blog some pics of Molly's Place. She'll be busy with guests this summer as Sue will be staying in there while she's here for camp and work. Plus, Leah, a girl that Molly nannied for, in Georgia, will be coming for a month this summer. Tim Mandich left for Africa on Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon was the Living Hope Church Neighborhood Picnic. It's an outreach to people in the area of the church to get them familiar with Living Hope. Free bouncy things, food, sno cones, cotton candy, etc. Jen and Janice ran the Able booth, and Marceaux was in charge of the Mega Micro bus. Molly was the official photographer, and Karol helped in the welcome tent a little bit.