Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, June 28

Jen and Marceaux came back this past weekend from their two weeks at Joni and Friends camps. John and Sue are staying upstairs with the guys. Tony, Tim, Tim, Chrissy and McKenna came home from their Kenyan missions trip Saturday night. Everyone laid pretty low on Sunday, but things were in full swing today. Tim was out to Camp Daniel early picking up where Karol left of on tiling in the dorm bathroom. Tony was working on all sorts of camp things. The phone rang off the hook. Cherylee Hamilton (who grew up going to Salvation Army camps on our property) came with her family for their annual picnic. Wendy Kolbusz came to bring some items that she and her husband wanted to donate after cleaning out their garage. Laurie Hucek came to weed her adopted garden. Molly's mom and grandma came for lunch and to bring Molly a new kitchen table and chairs. The electric company was here moving an electric box. Chrissy and the kids came over for a while to touch base regarding camp stuff.

After high school, Molly moved to Georgia for two years to nanny for a girl with mental disabilities. We've heard lots about Molly's time in Georgia with Leah and her family. Molly is very excited to have her here for a month. She'll be staying with Molly until camp starts, then she'll be at two weeks of camp before her mom flies back from Georgia to pick her up. We're excited to get to know Leah, as she's such an important part of Molly's life.

Last Saturday was the annual Able picnic at Bay Beach. There was lots of food and fun for everyone in attendance.

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