Thursday, March 28, 2013

Work Day!!

Tilling parties are all the hit nowadays. We decided to have one! Last Saturday, we had a work day. Pastor Tim brought up Jim, Tony, and Collin for the day and we worked on the bathrooms. Tim Kelly poured the countertops for the bathrooms so we could start tilling. This process has been going fairly quickly.

However, we did not quite finish on Saturday, so we had another party!! We went back up there today and finished it off!!

Also, Marceaux and the guys have been working on hanging lights in the Trapline Lodge. It's starting to look more and more like a dorm than a work station. We are really anxious to get this done!

Trish has been working on her own book for all of the kitchen recipes. This way, since she is going to be in charge of the kitchen, everything will be organized the way she wants it and she won't have to spend time searching for different recipes.

Easter is this Sunday! However, this Friday, The Able Church will be doing a joint service with Living Hope Church! Pastor Tim will be speaking on "Why the Cross?" Feel free to join us at 6:30pm at Living Hope Church in the Erickson Activity Center.

Monday, March 25, 2013

...And a MEGA Project

As some of you might know, Camp Daniel started the kids ministry at Living Hope Church called MEGA. The theme for MEGA has been a scientist's laboratory complete with a time machine and a mad scientist. However, just like everything else, things change. All of us went down to Living Hope Church this past week and changed the theme to MEGA! It is now MEGA Town complete with a tree house! It is set up to be a modern day Jerusalem.
 Getting ready for the tree house.

Karol and Pastor Tim setting up the tree house.

Trish and Jen painting the tree house.

 Building the house.

Looking good.

Trish and Jen cutting curtains for the puppet windows.

Nick's thoughts? "I wonder how I'm supposed to get way up there..."

An overall view.

Now, it is not quite done yet. All of the major building is done. We just have to finish up the details. We are going back this week to finish it up.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Big Project...

Last Saturday, a big group from Racine came up here for a work day. There was about 35 people that came! We had a lot of projects for them to work on. One of the projects that they did was to start the camper crafts for this summer's camps.

A lot of people went up in the unfinished dorm and started plastering and tiling the bathrooms.

Here you can see some people staining tongue and groove that David Detloff has been putting up in the nature center.

Also, some of the volunteers put up tongue and groove in the unfinished dorm's rooms This used to be the paint room. Now, the paint room and work room are combined.

Four volunteers worked in the office updating camper files. They wrote down who the camper's counselor from 2008-2012 in the camper's file. Then, they typed this information into the computers.

The biggest project we had for them to do was move a lot of stuff from the garage into the semi trailer that Shopko donated! It's full!! There is only a couple of feet left for more things to fit in their!

Monday, March 11, 2013

What's Going On?

It snowed again last night! The guys have been out there since this morning shoveling the walkways. Karol used the snowblower on the walkways, and Tony has been in the truck plowing the rest of the grounds. He also went over to the Brunot House and plowed there too.

Last week, workers from Silver Birch Ranch came up here to hang out with the guys and work. When they got here Tuesday night, one of the firs things they did was play poker with the guys. The game lasted for about 45 minutes. Brian won! After that, they all played on the Wii until they went to bed. The next day, they worked with the guys in the dorm's attic. They cleaned it out and put up shelves for more storage space. Thanks guys! It was a great couple of days!

Last Friday night, a group of 5 people came up here. They were from Sharon Rickerson's church. They came to The Able Church's Friday night service then came up here. They stayed overnight and toured the grounds the next day. 

Karol has been up in the finished dorm painting. She has been painting details and the cabin's name in the bathrooms.

They look amazing!

Trish has been settling in. Karol has been showing her how to do the kitchen stuff. On Saturday, she made breakfast for the group from Sharon's church. It was a continental breakfast with muffins, bread, yogurt, and coffee.

Marceaux has been pretty busy. He and the guys went to town the other day to sand and salt from town to put on the walkways. It was just in time too with the warmer weather we've been having and then the freezing and the snow. He has also been hanging lights in the unfinished dorm. Right now there is just a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. He has been replacing those with light fixtures. Also, the skid steer's hydraulic system was broken. He's been fixing that.

Jen, Trish, Molly, and Justin have been entering in addresses of group homes and adult family homes into the address book. We are going to be sending the brochure that Tony and Karol made specifically for group homes out to the group homes. Justin printed off a list of every group home and adult family home in Wisconsin. Now they just have to be typed into the computer. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Out and About

The Camp Daniel 2nd annual banquet was last Saturday. There was about 150 people who attended, including the Mayor of Green Bay! The banquet consisted of a chicken, fish, tips, potatoes, stuffing, corn, coleslaw, and plenty of desserts, Tony talking about the history of Camp Daniel and our destines, Justin telling everyone how Camp Daniel changed his life, and Jeff talking about the maintenance building we want to build this spring. When it's all said and done, it went great!!

We have a new staff member with us!! Please welcome, Trish Voskuil! She has been coming to camp for four years now and felt called to be a full-time missionary to people with disabilities. She is from Sheboygan and moved in with Molly on Sunday and will help lead he women's group home among many other things.

Congratulations to team one of The Able Attack! They took first place at the tournament in Sheboygan on Sunday! They will now be moving on to State on March 17th in Stevens Point! Good luck team!

While they were at the game, Karol, Molly, Justin, Jen, and Marceaux ran into a couple of our campers including Amanda, Sara, and Tim! It was good to see everybody there!