Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25, 2011

Sorry, but this blog update won't have any pictures. I've been in Arizona for a week helping my mom around the house after her second hip replacement. I'm so glad she had it done in January!! I just wish I could bottle up the sunshine to bring home with me to share with the Camp Daniel staff! They've been working in the supreme cold this past week. So here's a brief rundown:
Well, I should start with something that happened before I left; Matt Mandich and his son came to camp to give a lesson in welding, which is something that Tony, Marceaux and Tim all only kinda knew how to do. They were able to practice and learn many tricks and techniques. We have 2 kinds of welders, so now it's good to have people that can use them properly!
The Sunday before left, we were all excited to witness Patty Truetinger (camper and Mega and Able attendee) baptised. We've really seen great integration into Living Hope Church. Patty was surrounded by people from Living Hope that love her and are actively involved in Able and camp. Really, it's just how it should be. Also getting baptised that day, were Sara Gillstrom and Brian Suess, both of whom are very active in Camp Daniel and Able. We love them all, and were blessed to witness such a meaningful expression of faith.
Jen has been working doing occupational therapy. She's also been planning the Able winter retreat that we'll be having in February. She's been trying to track down winter sports gear, including broom ball, cross country skis and snow shoes. We're trying to keep the price as low as possible, so Jen's been trying to find inexpensive places to get some equipment. She and Marceaux stopped at Lake Lundgren to talk with them about their equipment. They got some good tips. Jen's also been working on the Dance for Disability. We were originally looking at September, but June is now being considered. Jen and those involved with Special Olympics, went to a basketball tournie last Saturday.
Marceaux has been doing bible studies with the guys. He also worked on getting the two school buses running smooth, as we had a church from lower Michigan drive up to buy them. So, Senior is happy to have those eye sores off the property, and the rest of the testosterone is excited to have more money in the skidsteer fund.
Molly has spent the past week babysitting at the Kocian's. She has been working on some photos that she took as a side job. Of course, she's still doing lot for Able, including Tuesday night bible study and prep work for the winter retreat.
Tim finished plastering the two dorm baths last week. Then he got a first coat of poly on the fourth bedroom. On Tuesday, during our staff meeting, the guys sanded that first coat, then Tim and I got the second coat on. Later last week, he brought the guys to a town near Stevens Point, to help Micah Weidner, whom was heading up packing a moving van for a family moving to Texas. The family is already there, as the dad has been seriously ill, and is seeing specialists in Austin; but all of their stuff was still here. After the truck was loaded, Micah drove it to Texas, then was planning on flying back. Tim was planning for a work day last Saturday, but it was cancelled on short notice. Sunday was all about football. The trash talk is flying as the crazy Green Bay fans take on Tony and family, whom are fans of the Super Spectacular, although underdog Pittsburgh Steelers. It's gonna be a fun two weeks! Tim also brought in the plow to get fixed and ordered doors for the dorm. We buy as we go to make the money go as far as possible. As leader of the youth group at Living Hope, Tim and Chrissy have been planning for a ski outing and a winter retreat. Both taking place at the end of this week.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, January 17

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged! But here we are, with a bunch of catching up to do. During Christmas, we generally don't work on big projects. We all took time to visit with family and friends, and really enjoy the holidays. The Kelly's were in Montana for two weeks visiting family. Molly visited with her parents at Camp Daniel, and in Eagle River. Jen and Marceaux did a lot of visiting in the Green Bay area. Of course, we had people at the Hartley House many times throughout the holidays.
The Able Church, as per usual, added a bunch of special events and activities during the holidays. One was cookie making one Sunday after church. Then on the following Tuesday, the group brought the cookies to a group home. While there, they sang carols and did the bell choir.
Jen has been working hard with Special Olympics basketball. She and the others involved in Able have been planning more special events for the summer and fall. Able is hosting a winter retreat in February, so Jen's been working on logistics of that.
Marceaux has been working on both snowblowers, here at Camp Daniel. He changed the battery on the bus, and also took the last load of garbage to the dump. I say "last load" because we finally got a dumpster from Waste Management. Marceaux is still doing Bible study with the Hartley House guys. He helped Tim with plaster in the dorms last week. Also, Marceaux is taking a homestudy course on mechanics.
Molly has been working with Able. And she has also been helping the Kocian's and the Weidner's with babysitting. Since she's good with all goods, and truly awesome with kids with disabilities, she's become the go to person for these families. Also over the holidays, Molly was given the opportunity to speak at her old church in Eagle River, to share about being a missionary at Camp Daniel. Right now, Molly is at her parents, recovering from strep.
Since the Kelly's got back from their Montana trip, Tim has mainly been working in the dorm bathrooms. With help from the guys, they did prep work and two coats of plaster in two baths in the Lumberjack Lodge. This week, he's polyurethaning the walls in the fourth bedroom in that same dorm.
After finally getting all of the Christmas decorations down, Karol started doing some work on camp crafts.
Last Thursday, Tony and Tim went to a Lion's club function in Wausaukee. They did a 15 minute presentation, and thanked the men for the support that they've given Camp Daniel.