Thursday, August 29, 2013

Big Projects Around Camp

We have been really busy around here! Now that camp is done, we are getting back into the working groove. However, before I go any further, there is exciting information for you...we have two more people moving in to Camp Daniel for a one year internship! So say, "Hello" to Steve Rickerson from Chicago, IL..

...And Nick Sterry from Crivitz, WI!

Because they are moving in soon, Tony has been creating policies for the new internship program. Along with that Tony and the guys have been working on the addition of the garage. They have put siding on it...

...reconfigured the ground around it to look nicer and drain water more efficiently...
...put a fence up for the recycling area...

...and put in gravel in and around the area.
Wow! But wait, there's more! It still has to be stained! Jen started working on that.

What a big project, and it's moving along fast! Speaking of big projects, before camp started, the muffler on Tony's golf cart broke off of the engine. As a temporary fix, Tony took a small piece of metal piping and connected it from the exhaust to the engine with metal tape. It lasted for a while, but during camp, it broke off again. Marceaux has recently been working on it. He has ordered new parts so it works for a long time! Here is the new muffler next to the old one...
...What a difference!

Justin has been gone for a couple of weeks. When he got back, Papa Tony's new Mac mini computer was waiting to be set up. Papa Tony used to use a Windows computer, so Justin had to order new accounting software and convert all of his files to work on a Mac. It is finally done!

The Camp Daniel Appreciation Picnic is almost here (September 14th)! A lot of work needs to be done to the grounds before then. Tony and the guys planted forty more trees; Trish has been mowing, fertilizing, and weeding; and Jen and Molly have been weeding.

The Able Attack Special Olympics team will begin their Family Nights (practice, pizza, and bible study) again on September 10th. To kick things off, we will be having our annual picnic after practices. Jen has been very busy getting things ready to start the season.

Monday, August 26, 2013

HoneyRock Service Team

As well as the Our Lady of Hope Youth Group, the HoneyRock Service Team came up to camp to help us out! They have been coming up every summer for a while. One thing they did was re-staining the gazebo and Papa Tony and Grandma Jo's garage.

One big project that they did was sand the big Shopko trailer and take the stickers off of it. They did this so we can paint it.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Lady of Hope Youth Group

Camp Daniel 2013 is done, but there are only 321 days (27,734,400 seconds if you prefer) until Camp Daniel 2014! In between weeks two and three, there is a week without campers or counselors. Some call it the week off, but believe me, it's not. We were getting ready for weeks three and four. Also, during this week, Our Lady of Hope Youth Group from Chicago comes up and helps us build things around the grounds. This year they came and started to build the "backstage" in the garage (It will eventually be the dinning hall).
 This is the spot where we poured concrete right before camp started (See previous blog post).

 One group put fencing around pathways.

 One group placed capstones on the stone walls around camp.

The biggest project that this group did was laying sod around the two dorms. It took them all week!!
 Getting the ground ready by spraying it with water (Above)
 Making sure it fits nicely.