Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, January 17

Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged! But here we are, with a bunch of catching up to do. During Christmas, we generally don't work on big projects. We all took time to visit with family and friends, and really enjoy the holidays. The Kelly's were in Montana for two weeks visiting family. Molly visited with her parents at Camp Daniel, and in Eagle River. Jen and Marceaux did a lot of visiting in the Green Bay area. Of course, we had people at the Hartley House many times throughout the holidays.
The Able Church, as per usual, added a bunch of special events and activities during the holidays. One was cookie making one Sunday after church. Then on the following Tuesday, the group brought the cookies to a group home. While there, they sang carols and did the bell choir.
Jen has been working hard with Special Olympics basketball. She and the others involved in Able have been planning more special events for the summer and fall. Able is hosting a winter retreat in February, so Jen's been working on logistics of that.
Marceaux has been working on both snowblowers, here at Camp Daniel. He changed the battery on the bus, and also took the last load of garbage to the dump. I say "last load" because we finally got a dumpster from Waste Management. Marceaux is still doing Bible study with the Hartley House guys. He helped Tim with plaster in the dorms last week. Also, Marceaux is taking a homestudy course on mechanics.
Molly has been working with Able. And she has also been helping the Kocian's and the Weidner's with babysitting. Since she's good with all goods, and truly awesome with kids with disabilities, she's become the go to person for these families. Also over the holidays, Molly was given the opportunity to speak at her old church in Eagle River, to share about being a missionary at Camp Daniel. Right now, Molly is at her parents, recovering from strep.
Since the Kelly's got back from their Montana trip, Tim has mainly been working in the dorm bathrooms. With help from the guys, they did prep work and two coats of plaster in two baths in the Lumberjack Lodge. This week, he's polyurethaning the walls in the fourth bedroom in that same dorm.
After finally getting all of the Christmas decorations down, Karol started doing some work on camp crafts.
Last Thursday, Tony and Tim went to a Lion's club function in Wausaukee. They did a 15 minute presentation, and thanked the men for the support that they've given Camp Daniel.

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  1. You got to get some casual clothes for that last guy in the picture. :) Camp Daniel, The Best Is Yet To Come! 2011 will be an awesome year for the sake of God's Kingdom. Can you feel it!!!!!