Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Big Project...

Last Saturday, a big group from Racine came up here for a work day. There was about 35 people that came! We had a lot of projects for them to work on. One of the projects that they did was to start the camper crafts for this summer's camps.

A lot of people went up in the unfinished dorm and started plastering and tiling the bathrooms.

Here you can see some people staining tongue and groove that David Detloff has been putting up in the nature center.

Also, some of the volunteers put up tongue and groove in the unfinished dorm's rooms This used to be the paint room. Now, the paint room and work room are combined.

Four volunteers worked in the office updating camper files. They wrote down who the camper's counselor from 2008-2012 in the camper's file. Then, they typed this information into the computers.

The biggest project we had for them to do was move a lot of stuff from the garage into the semi trailer that Shopko donated! It's full!! There is only a couple of feet left for more things to fit in their!

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