Thursday, March 28, 2013

Work Day!!

Tilling parties are all the hit nowadays. We decided to have one! Last Saturday, we had a work day. Pastor Tim brought up Jim, Tony, and Collin for the day and we worked on the bathrooms. Tim Kelly poured the countertops for the bathrooms so we could start tilling. This process has been going fairly quickly.

However, we did not quite finish on Saturday, so we had another party!! We went back up there today and finished it off!!

Also, Marceaux and the guys have been working on hanging lights in the Trapline Lodge. It's starting to look more and more like a dorm than a work station. We are really anxious to get this done!

Trish has been working on her own book for all of the kitchen recipes. This way, since she is going to be in charge of the kitchen, everything will be organized the way she wants it and she won't have to spend time searching for different recipes.

Easter is this Sunday! However, this Friday, The Able Church will be doing a joint service with Living Hope Church! Pastor Tim will be speaking on "Why the Cross?" Feel free to join us at 6:30pm at Living Hope Church in the Erickson Activity Center.

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