Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Camp Daniel Update

A lot has been going on up here lately. Rick Bub has been coming up here and tilling the bathrooms in the dorm with the guys. They have been cutting the tile, laying it out, and grouting it. It is a big and long project but it is getting done. On Monday, Rick took the guys down to Milwaukee to see the Harley Davidson museum. They loved it! There were old motorcycles from WWII, new motorcycles and everything in between.

Most of you have probably heard about Karol. She has been having some pain and the doctors heard a weird sound in her abdomen. Here is the latest update from Little Tony.

"She has been diagnosed with an arterial dissection of the superior mesenteric artery, this means that her artery that provides blood to her intestines and some organs, has had a tear on the inside. Our arteries are layered like a rolled up piece of paper. Something caused a tear in the inner layer (this happens with out known cause, but it is not normal) when this happens it can have many outcomes, in Karol's case, it caused the blood to be rerouted between the layers of the artery. When it entered the layers it may have been blocked for a short period and eventually rerouted itself back thru the inner layer of the artery wall. This was misinterpreted by the radiologist at Bellin Hospital as simply a mass, as it appeared on the original cta scan. The reality is that it is a bulge or deformity in the artery stemming from the tear, (the bulge is NOT an aneurism) the radiologist wrongly interpreted inflammation and mass that was not there.
The treatment is simply to watch the area over the next year. She will have another Ct scan in 2 months, 6 months and then a year to monitor any changes here at Froetdert hospital in Milwaukee. 

She is not physically limited in anyway and cannot do any damage to the artery through physical exertion. The pain she felt, which began in church on palm sunday and lasted for 4 days, was due to the tear and subsequent rerouting. Once the blood began flowing again the pain went away. They anticipate no further complications, as she is healthy and through all of the tests and scans proven to be in great shape! So of all possibilities that where put forth by the Drs we have met with in the week we feel incredibly blessed with this diagnosis. Even with the tear, she has had the best possible outcome with it, as other people who have experienced this have had total blockages, severe bleeding, among other scary outcomes.

The vascular Surgeon, who is the chairman of that dept. here, commended our PA, Jessica in Crivitz, for hearing something most GP's would not. Along the way we encountered caring Drs. and nurses and had many opportunities to share the mission of Camp Daniel as well as build relationships with new and old friends. God has even allowed the healing of some scared relationships in this time, which we are so thankful for.

Lastly, we have experienced a level of love from so many we cannot even begin to express what it feels like. Over 250 of you have reached out in person, thru texts, emails and Facebook. Our theme this year at Camp Daniel is LOVE, and now we have humbly understood the power of Gods love shown by others in a new way. We come away from this changed in our love for each other, for each of you and most important, in how we love and understand the degree of Gods love for us. We thank God for all of you, and covet your continued prayer of thanks to God, as He keeps us walking the path towards His purpose, bypassing our limited plans!"

We are all very thankful that this is nothing worse. Thank you all for your prayers and support during all of this.

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