Thursday, April 18, 2013

Exciting Information

These past couple of weeks, we have all been tiling the bathrooms in the unfinished dorm. Rick Bub and his friend have also been coming up here to help us out. It has been a very long process as we ake on this project.

It is, however, starting to look more and more like a bathroom every day!

Tim Kelly has been coming up here this week to work with the guys on pouring the countertops for the sink. 

This is looking great and is very exciting to see all of the progress. As you can see in this picture, there is a mirror above the countertop. We ordered some mirrors for the bathrooms to hang above the sinks. 

There is some exciting news! Trish now has her very own blog! As some of you probably know, she is a huge Elvis fan! So what is the title of her blog? "Welcome to Grace-land" Pretty clever, huh? If you would like to visit her blog, go to

Justin has been working on the Camp Daniel website the last couple of days. Since we just got done talking about Trish's blog, we might has well say that she now has her own page on the Camp Daniel website too! She is going to become very popular! Justin also added a donate page on the website. You can now donate to Camp Daniel online through PayPal. However, if you would rather send in your donation through the mail, that is fine too.

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