Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring is Here!

Spring is here and camp is only two months away! It's time to get ready! So, what have we been doing to get ready? Well...

Marceaux has been getting everybody's golf carts up and running after a long winter hibernation. For some reason, they all seem to break during the winter when they're not being used. Karol's cart was the only one working just fine. Tony's muffler had holes in it and was broken off. Tony Sr's wasn't running correctly, and Justin's battery doesn't hold a charge and the belt keeps slipping.

Justin has been printing off address labels with Molly so we could send out brochures about our fourth annual Dance 4 Disability. He also finished importing all of the contacts from Tony Sr's computer into all of our Mac computers. We have an old Dell computer that has never been backed up before and has vital information on it that we use for camp. It's now backed up.

Trish has been busy in the kitchen as we have had workdays here for the past three Saturdays in a row. She has also been studying and getting ready for a food safety test. Also, she has been working with the guys out side putting out all of the picnic tables, chairs, and benches.

Jen and Tim have been looking for sponsors and participants for Dance 4 Disability. And Molly has been going through all of the incoming applications for this years camp and updating them in the computer.

These past couple of weeks, Tony and Karol have been on a well deserved vacation to Cancun! While they were down there they met up with a couple of friends of theirs. They had a blast! The best part about this was that they brought back all of this warmth and sunshine with them. The lake here at Camp Daniel is now officially melted! Pretty soon our lakefront is going to look like this again!

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