Thursday, May 16, 2013

Camp Update

We are getting ready to pour concrete around the camp! We are going to pour some by the Hartley House, around the Trapline Lodge, and by the garage. Justin is really excited because his wheelchair doesn't like the sand very much. Tony and the guys have been putting together the concrete forms to shape the cement.

Karol, Jen, and Trish have been working on T-shirts for this year's summer camp. The Factory (craft cabin) is now being used for it's intended purpose, crafts! All I'm going to say is that the shirts are really cool!

Karol, Trish, Jen, and Molly also took a food safety class for this summer. They have also been meeting with each other to start planning meals for camp. They have been working in the garden in front of the office pulling weeds and making it look nice.

Durring camp, Molly is in charge of thank you cards that the campers make. We send out these thank you cards to people who donate their time and money. She has been printing out blank thank you cards for the campers to decorate and making sure we have enough supplies for the campers to use.

We have an Able Church work day this weekend and we are using the bus to transport everybody. However, it didn't work, so Marceaux had to fix it. Now that the snow is gone, the snow blower can come off of the John Deere, and the mower can be put back on. Marceaux is going to be working on that.

Dance for Disability is coming up on June 2nd! We ordered some new speakers and stand for the dance and camp. Justin and Anthony put them together to make sure that they will work. Justin also created a new page on our website about the dance. The page is called D4D. The Able Church is meeting tomorrow night and Justin is giving a message about anger. He has been getting ready for that.

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