Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Camp Daniel Update

We have been very busy around here lately. Tony and the guys went over to Jen and Marceaux's house and installed a ramp to get into their house. Now Justin doesn't have to go up the stairs when he goes over their! He tested it out and it works great!

Tony and the guys have also been working on building dry wells and gutters so the water has somewhere to go when it rains. The have been some patches of ground where the grass wasn't growing, so Tony and the guys planted over 40 pounds of grass to fill those patches.

Tim Mandich has been busy preparing for The Able Hour at camp this year. The Able Hour will be replacing morning chapel and will be a chapel service run by and including the campers. He has also been busy preparing for the weekly Friday night service at Able Church and Tuesday night men's Bible study that he runs with Justin.

Justin and Anthony have teamed up this year and are going to be the DJ's at the Dance 4 Disability this Sunday June 2nd at 6:00pm at the Bay Beach pavilion. They have been testing all of the sound, light, and DJ equipment to make sure it works for Sunday.

A while ago, we had a group come up here for a work day. Some people in that group started to put polyurethane on the walls in the Trapline Lodge. They didn't quite finish so Molly and Jen have been finishing it up.

Along with that, Molly has been doing some yard work and working on the thank you cards the campers make. Jen also finished up the newsletter that she and Marceaux send out.

Marceaux has been getting all of our spring equipment fixed, running, and ready to use. This includes the bulldozer, skid steer, and dump truck. He has also been repairing the golf carts and keeping them maintained. Marceaux is also taking off the decals on the semi trailer and sanding it so it can be ready for painting.

Trish is busy getting ready to run the kitchen this year. She has been making meal plan checklists so she doesn't forget to do anything while working in the hot, busy kitchen. She has also been doing a christmas cookie drive to collect cookies for our christmas lunch theme at camp. She still needs a lot more cookies! Trish and Karol went to the food bank to pick up food and drinks for camp this year. They brought back an entire trailer full!

Karol has been busy doing a lot of yard work around camp. She has been mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, fertilizing, and planting. She also has been preparing for all of the themed meals we have for camp. She has also been preparing for the Dance 4 Disability by getting together decorations, banners, and signs.

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