Monday, May 20, 2013

The Able Church Workday

This past Saturday, we had an Able Church workday! There was about twenty people that came up to Camp Daniel to help us get stuff done.
 Pastor Tim was working on the John Deere and turning it back into a lawn mower.

 Jake, Jim, Tony, Dale, and Marceaux were sanding the semi trailer and getting it ready to be painted.

 Kenny, Jeff, Nick, Richard, Crystal, Brian, and Ben were putting dirt up by the dorms, so we can plant grass and plants up there.

 While we were all outside working, somebody had to make lunch. Trish was in the Hartley House making spaghetti and garlic bread. She was having some trouble with the burners, though. They wouldn't start. Eventually, she got them working and the food was excellent!

 Karol was doing a couple of different things. In the picture above, she was decorating treasure chests for our pirate themed meals at camp. Below, she was helping Jen, Richard, Janice, and Dawn grout the tiles in the Trapline Lodge.

 Molly, Justin, Chuck, Katie, Peter, Dawn, Pete, Cheryl, Linda, Jenny, and Amy were putting mulch in the gardens in front of the office, Hartley House, and behind the snack stand. They also swept the pathway, raked out the bocce ball court, and put some dirt on the lawn so we can plant some grass where there are bare spots in the grass.

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