Monday, June 3, 2013

June Is Here

A lot has been going on recently. At our last staff meeting, Tim Mandich brought his truck up here and took Papa Tony's golf cart back with him. It keeps breaking so Tim and his brother are going to fix it. He has also been preparing for The Able Hour at camp this summer. The Able Hour is a new format for the morning chapels which is less formal and more of a prayer meeting with worship and a message.

Tony and the guys have been really busy they have been getting ready to pour concrete up by the Trapline Lodge, the garage, and by the Hartley House. They put in the swimming dock and the wheelchair accessible fishing dock.
They have also been finishing up the bleachers down by the fire pit. By the snack stand, they have been installing a hand rail that goes up the big hill there.
 Making sure that it is level.

The other day, Karol and the guys put the raft back in the water.
Karol has also been spending a couple of hours placing food orders for camp. Her and Trish also went through and inventoried all of our paper goods and making sure we don't run out for the kitchen at camp. The grass by her house was getting a little long, so she cut it. Karol also made the signs that we put up at the Dance 4 Disability.

Trish, along with going through our paper goods with Karol, also has bee mowing the lawn all over camp. This is a big job because she has to use the John Deere for the big open patches, the push mower for getting around objects the Deere can't get to, and the weed wacker to get the tight places and corners. Trish still needs more cookies for camp! She has been working hard at her cookie drive. Let her know if you can help! Also, Trish has been going to small group church meetings with Jen, Marceaux, and Jake and building relationships.

Jen has also been weed wacking around camp to help Trish out. During camp, when it rains, we have to take down the speakers that are outside the Georgie trailer. When it's done, we put them back out. Well Jen has been making weather proof covers for these speakers. Now, as long as it's not rain super hard, we can leave the speakers outside and not have to worry about them getting destroyed!

Molly has been working around the grounds keeping things clean. She raked the bocce ball court and got all of the twigs and leaves out. After that, she smoothed it out. She also has been doing some spring cleaning. She has been doing a thorough cleaning of the office craft cabin and the Lumberjack Lodge. Last Tuesday, to help Trish out with her cookie drive, Molly made molasses cookie batter and brought it to Special Olympics practice and the girls made two dozen cookies!

Molly and Justin also went on a run to the lumber mill in town for Tony. Justin started working on writing out his notes for camp orientation. He also went to Guitar Center in Appleton with Anthony and Molly and bought new LED lights for the dance on Sunday.

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