Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eleven Days Left

That's right! There are only eleven days left until our summer camp sessions begin, and we are almost ready! Justin finished his notes for the counselor orientation and is now working on a presentation for his mom. She is in charge of her church's VBS program. This year they are raising money for new jerseys for The Able Attack Special Olympics team! Justin is also giving a message at Able Church Friday night and preparing for that. Also on Friday, Justin is going to Green Bay to get new leg braces!

Some of you might know that Dan Shields is one of the speakers at camp this year. Well, Tony, Karol, Anthony, Justin, and Molly went up to his church in St. Germain on Saturday and Sunday to talk about Camp Daniel. Molly and Justin stayed with Molly's parents and Tony, Karol, and Anthony stayed withBill and Patty Bonack. 

Karol has been working on getting the supplies and food that we need for camp. She also made the schedule for the staff and workers for weeks one and two. Karol, Annissa, and Trish went through all of the new theme clothes and put them in the appropriate bin for camp.

Tony and Karol went through the check-in/check-out process and completely redid it. Losing camper's stuff has always been a problem. With this new process, the number of lost items will be greatly reduced. Tony has also been working on camper/counselor match-ups. Him and they guys have been making more concrete forms by the garage so we can pour concrete tomorrow (if it doesn't rain).

We got new chairs for the snack stand! They arrived on Monday. Marceaux unloaded them from the semi with the skid steer and the guys opened them and set them up.
Here are the old chairs.
 New chairs in boxes...
 The new chairs!

Molly has been really busy. She helped clean the snack stand with Karol and Trish, cleaned the office windows, mowed the lawn, and installed the window screens in the office. She also created the mini schedules that counselors get and laminated them. She has also been entering in camper and counselor information into the computers.

Trish has also been mowing the grass around camp. She has also been weeding. Trish has been making checklists and food item sheets with updated notes for the camp kitchen.

Tim M. has been working with Emily Neitzer on the plans for messy games. He also has been getting all of the fishing gear out and ready to use for camp.

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