Monday, July 1, 2013

Almost Here!

Yesterday, Papa Tony's and Grandma Jo's church came here after their church service and had a picnic. They also had a baptism here!

Camp is almost here and we are almost ready! We are going to pour more concrete on Tuesday so Marceaux has been getting the skid steer ready for that. Tony and the guys have been building concrete forms for this. Marceaux has been making sure that all of the lawn and garden tools are operational. He and Karol have also been spreading mulch around camp.

Karol has been mowing the grass and transplanting plants around camp. She has been proofreading the camp counselor manual for Molly. The other day, Karol went to two recycling centers and collected 200 soup cans that we needed for crafts. She also finished the 2013 Camp Daniel banner!

Molly cleaned out the craft cabin bathrooms, office, and the Lumberjack Lodge. Molly also did the top and bottom bunk assignments for camp. Molly, Justin, Jen, and Trish started printing, copying, cutting, organizing, and putting together the camp volunteer manual.

Jen has been getting all of the medical folders and name bracelets ready for camp. She has also been organizing the camp costumes.

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