Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The last couple of days, we have wanted to pour concreter around camp. However, the weather has not been cooperating. Neither has the weather channel. It hasn't been very accurate. One day, it said that we weren't going to get any rain while it was raining in our backyard! Oh well! Pray that the rain will go away for a while so we can pour concrete.

In spite of all this rain, we have still been busy. Tony has been working on camper/counselor match ups for camp. This is a long process of figuring out which counselor a camper will be paired with. There are also some counselors who said they are coming but haven't sent in their applications yet. Tony has been calling them to make sure that they send them in. He also built a fence and arch down by the snack stand.

After Tony finished the fence and arch, Molly put two coats of green paint on it. It looks really nice!

 Doesn't it look nice?
Molly also finished cleaning the Lumberjack Lodge. Now she is working on the mini schedules that the counselors can buy for camp.

Karol has been completely redoing the entire checkout process at camp. This is so campers wont lose any of their stuff at the end of the week. She has also been creating the schedule for this years camp. And what is camp without food?! Somebody has to order the food and Karol has been doing just that. That also includes food for special diets. We also need outside help for carnival day. Karol has been working on getting the help we need.

Trish has been working on making checklists for the camp kitchen. She has also been creating the camp menu. We got a couple of truck loads of mulch and Trish has been laying it out all over camp. 

Jen, Marceaux, and MJ went to Michigan for two weeks to be counselors at Joni and Friends. The theme is Olympics so the brought some stuff and they became the Bury Bobsled Team!

Tim M. has been working on the golf carts and now has Papa Tony's, and Justin's golf cart up and running.

Justin has been continuing his work on the counselor orientation. He also has been getting his computer ready for camp chapel services.

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