Monday, March 25, 2013

...And a MEGA Project

As some of you might know, Camp Daniel started the kids ministry at Living Hope Church called MEGA. The theme for MEGA has been a scientist's laboratory complete with a time machine and a mad scientist. However, just like everything else, things change. All of us went down to Living Hope Church this past week and changed the theme to MEGA! It is now MEGA Town complete with a tree house! It is set up to be a modern day Jerusalem.
 Getting ready for the tree house.

Karol and Pastor Tim setting up the tree house.

Trish and Jen painting the tree house.

 Building the house.

Looking good.

Trish and Jen cutting curtains for the puppet windows.

Nick's thoughts? "I wonder how I'm supposed to get way up there..."

An overall view.

Now, it is not quite done yet. All of the major building is done. We just have to finish up the details. We are going back this week to finish it up.

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