Thursday, June 30, 2011

keeping it real

I've been needing to blog. And really...this is what's going on around here. The annual pre-camp tornado has settled over the Piantine household. The kids keep saying that camp is closer than it feels because there's not enough stress in the house. Well let me tell you that just looking at these pictures gives me stress! Tony has been pretty sick for about two weeks, so he's pretty limited in what he can do. Once he finished the camper/counselor matchups (temporarily finished, because we all know how many last minute changes there are) he started on theme night clothes. Karol and the guys went to the storage unit. First they packed up the carnival into the small enclosed trailer (check!!) then they went through the theme meal things. They brought back about a dozen bins of clothes and accessories. We went through each bin, and since then, Tony's been making pirate and western costumes. In the pic below, you can see Little Tony's sewing area. He works at his chair, on an ironing board.

I'm hoping that this chaos is at it's worst, but time will tell. Til then, pray for our strength and sanity throughout camp preparations!

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