Thursday, January 24, 2013

Camp Daniel Update

On Tuesday, The Able Attack played a game of basketball against the Bay Navigators! The final score was 31-17. The Able Attack won! Good job team!

Green Bay Home Medical Equipment came up here recently and installed a stair chair lift in the Hartley house so Justin can get up and down the stairs! Justin's uncle works there and he came up to help install it.

The Able Church Winter Retreat is finally this weekend! Everybody has been busy preparing for it. Justin and Anthony have been setting up the sound and video for chapel, Jen has been organizing small groups for Bible studies, Karol has been preparing for all of the meals, and Marceaux picked up the bus for transporting everybody's luggage. Larry and Carolyn Campbell are coming down to Green Bay so they can come up here and be our speakers for the weekend!

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