Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Able Church Special Olympics & Christmas Fair!

Last weekend, The Able Church Special Olympics team, The Attack, took fourth place at the state tournament in Waukesha. They played four games that day, consisting of three matches each. The Able Attack was one of 28 teams that progressed onto the state level. Nick and Betty of Camp Daniel are serving as the agency managers. Roger, Nick, and Bill were coaches for this year's season.

Special Olympics has been a large part of The Able Church since 2008. Sports offered include volleyball, bowling, basketball and bocce ball.  Practices are held on Tuesday nights at Living Hope Church in Green Bay. It is a part of The Able Church Family Night, which includes eating pizza together, and men and women’s Bible studies.

Special Olympics is the heartbeat and center of the disability community. Being apart of this program helps The Able Church stay connected and current with the issues of the disability community. It also provides The Able Church opportunities to make an impact in the community at large. 

In efforts to support The Able Family Night, thispast Sunday we had our first annual Able Church Christmas Fair held at Living Hope Church. It was a huge success with at great turnout, selling Christmas items, baked goods, popcorn and a chili lunch. Members of The Able Church family made the majority of the items and helped at the fair.

There are plans to expand the items sold for next year and offer more fun activities. We would also like to look for other hosting churches. If you would like The Able Church to host a Christmas fair at your church, please contact Pastor Tim Mandich or Tony Piantine.

Thank you to all those who participated in the Christmas fair and support The Able Church!

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