Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8

The countdown is on to get the Lumberjack Lodge dorm completely done by April 20th, which is the deadline that Tony gave because of a donor special event that will be happening on the grounds shortly thereafter. We've been working on the dorms for the past three weeks, but now we've kicked it into high gear. The main things that have needed done are the bathrooms: tiling, fixture setting, stall dividers and floors and the cabins (or dorm rooms), which mainly need the floors done, doors installed and finish trim done. In the above picture, you can see the shower area. We did the border first, then work below and above. The border goes throughout the entire bathroom. By the way, both baths are identical, except for the flooring color.

Cleaning, staining and finishing the floors is a many day process, which was started when we had our last work day. After they cleaned it, and protected the walls, Karol started on the floor logo, which is different for each room. Using contact paper she makes a positive and negative of the image. Using the negative as a stencil she using contrasting dye colors to paint on the image, then the positive contact paper piece fits right over that image to protect it from the color that will go on the remainder of the floor. The negative (stencil) contact paper is taken off, and we're ready to dye. Donning a heavy duty respirator mask, Tim applies the dye with a pump sprayer. In the green room, he applied two colors in a random blotchy way. The color variances are beautiful and will be more forgiving to future imperfections in the floor.
After the green was applied to the floor, Karol finished the logo. This, Jack Pine logo had too many small details to do ahead of time, so the small branches and the pine needles were added at this point. After that was dry, Tim applied two coats of a very caustic polyurethane type product, buffing in between. Then, when thoroughly dry, he applied two coats of wax, then when that was dry, buffed it. The floor is Beautiful!!
In between the steps for the flooring, Tim, Karol, Marceaux and the guys tiled, tile, and will be still tiling for some time. The above pic is the toilet area. This room has the finished green floor, so the guys covered the floor with kraft paper and tar paper to protect it while we finish working.
After the green floor was done, everything was moved from one set of rooms to the other so that the orange floor could get done. This cabin is Sugar Maple. Currently, this floor has one coat of poly, with the other being applied this afternoon. The smell is so very strong that no one can work in the building for about 12 hours after a coat is applied.
The above is the maple leaf logo that's on the floor. This floor is a rusty orange consisting of many layers of 3 different colors. To appreciate these floors, they must be seen live, as the pictures don't do them justice. So come for a visit, and bring your tiling tools!!

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