Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday April 2

Since the last blog, we got 17" of snow, which set us back a few days. Saturday, the 26th, we all went back to the Kelly's to help with their remodel. We also did a surprise birthday celebration for Molly. Wednesday, a group from Silver Birch Ranch came out for a workday. They put the metal roof on the gazebo that was put up last summer. They also did a bunch of work in the dorms. They moved all of the exercise equipment from the Jack Pine room in the Lumberjack lodge to a room in the other dorm. Then they cleaned the floors and taped off the walls so that Tim could dye the floor. They also moved a bunch of cases of paper supplies that were donated. Additionally, Marceaux led a group in putting up the vinyl base molding in the Red Oak bathroom. They also did some small paint jobs and other miscellaneous jobs. Jen led a tour of the grounds for the people that haven't been here before.
Much work was done this week preparing for Able Church. An Able and camp attendee, Phillip Meincke, passed away last week. The funeral was at Able Church, during the regular church time. The family knew that Able was important to Phillip, so they decided that that would be a great place for the service. His small family is from far Northern Wisconsin, so much was put on Jen and the rest from Able to plan the funeral service. Well, it was a great service. There was over 100 people there. Some regular Able attendees, some from Phillip's group home and also from his workshop. They were all blessed to see people with disabilities participating in the service. A church FOR people with disabilities isn't something you see everyday, and one BY people with disabilities is extremely rare. Pastor Tim gave a great salvation message, and many were able to get up and talk about Phillip. Everyone at Able feel blessed to have been given this opportunity!
Lastly, Today was a scheduled work day, but no one volunteered to help, so I thought this might be a good place to put a plug in for upcoming work days.
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