Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday May 19

Three guys from the Black River Falls Assembly of God church came up last weekend to work. They came late Thursday night; worked Friday; and worked Saturday until they left after lunch. They worked on the exterior of Molly's house and did electrical work all around the grounds.
Jen's dad and Marceaux worked on Karol's golf cart, which needed major repairs. It's almost there!
A dream come true!! At long last, Tony's wish came true for a skidsteer. Camp Daniel saved up for many years to be able to purchase this used skidsteer with tracks. Tony and Tim say on a weekly basis how much easier something would be if we just had the skidsteer. As you can see it has a new bucket. There are many attachments on our wishlist. We have forks to be able to use it as a forklift, which will be a tremendous help as we currently have no way of moving pallets more than a few feet. We'd love to get a snowblower for winter.

A group from Able Church came up for the workday on Saturday. Some stayed the weekend. Above you see Peter and Jim cleaning brush and leaves.Our awesome raking crew braved cold and rainy weather!
Steve Hays was here for the day. Below he's just goofing around, but he did actually do some work. He and Jen's dad sanded and polyurethaned the stained bunkbeds.
Last week Little Tony and Richard spent two days cleaning the garage. We're trying to make room for Marceaux to be able to work on vehicles inside the garage. His mechanics stuff is crammed into a small area now and he needs room so that he can work all year round.
Jen and Marceaux took the guys last Wednesday to Chilton to get a one ton load of granite sand for a top layer on the bocce ball court.

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