Friday, May 13, 2011

Well, since I haven't blogged in 3 weeks, there's lots of catching up to do! We'll just follow the order of the pictures. Two weekends ago, the youth group from Kimberly came up for a work weekend. They arrived Friday night and enjoyed a bonfire by the lake. Then after breakfast on Saturday, they got to work. Many helpers from Able Church were also here for the work day. Above you see the crew that was raking leaves. It was a rough day for raking with the cold and the wind, but they did a great job! Below you see the girls from the youth group staining bunkbeds.
In the picture below, the two girls shown filled all of the nail holes in the trimwork of the dorm.

Below, they are raking dirt in areas that were planted with trees last fall. These areas were then seeded with the special tall grass seed that we planted in adjoining areas earlier last fall.
The boys in this pic are taking a layer of gravel off of this path that was put in last year. We are going to add a more decorative layer for the top.
Jen has put in many hours in her makeshift sewing room that she set up in the birch cabin of the Lumberjack Lodge. She made the curtains for that room and the curtains for the Red Oak Cabin as well. She did a great job. They are lined and well made to stand the abuses of camp.
Here Jen and Crystal are putting polyurethane on the door jambs. Karol also applied an additional coat of poly to all of the trim in the four baths.
Also during the last few weeks:
Chrissy, Tony and Karol all went to Green Bay for the Reinhart regional food show. They attend it every year to get new ideas and items for the summer menu.

Molly, Jen, Chrissy and Karol all spent half a day giving the Red Oak and White Birch dorms and baths a very thorough cleaning. With the bulk of the messy construction done, it could get a good spring cleaning.

Marceaux has been working on getting the golf carts running. Plus doing some other maintenance around the grounds

Tony and Karol met with the leaders of the Our Lady of the Blessed Hope youth group that will be working for a week on the grounds this summer. All of the projects for their summer trip needed to be finalized and detailed out so that all of the needed materials could be ordered. Tony and Karol had measured and drawn up as detailed as possible, all of the projects they'll be doing. Then they all met at Menards for 2 hours to make necessary changes and order everything.

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