Friday, November 4, 2011

Orchestrated Chaos

Last Sunday was a classic example of the unique way in which the Camp Daniel missionaries depend on one another.  If you've been around any of us outside of camp, you may have witnessed first hand the orchestrated chaos that is the comings/goings of our group. Sundays, because we all travel to Green Bay, tend to be complicated each week.  Well last week was no exception, and I thought it might be a fun thing to share.  To set the stage, you must first know that Tim Kelly, Tommy, McKenna and Annissa are all at Silver Birch Ranch for the youth fall retreat weekend, and Molly doesn't have a car (hers was totaled when she was rearended about 3 wks ago).  Molly was visited the Weidners for the weekend in Oostburg and returned to Green Bay Sunday afternoon to return the rental car by 5.  She had the Kocians pick her up at the rental place and bring her back to their house.  The Bury's had a wedding on Saturday in Whitewater.  They came back to Green Bay late Saturday night because they had to be at the bowling alley early Sunday morning for Special Olympics bowling tournament.  They spent the night at Jen's parents home in Green Bay.  So Karol, Tony, the 4 guys, and Anthony took the van to Church.  Karol and the guys left church a bit early to get DJ to the bowling alley for his afternoon bowling time.  (Jen and Marceaux had to be there early for Crystal). They got lunch on the way to the lanes.  When Karol dropped off the guys at the lanes, she picked up Annissa's bookbag, which she had left in the Bury's van, but now needed to do homework Sunday night.  Karol brought the bookbag back to church, where Chrissy Kelly would take it to her home in Crivitz.  Karol, Tony and Anthony went to Kimberly, where they did Trunk or Treat at Lora's church.  The kids all dressed up in pirate clothes that we have from camp, and the trunk was decked out piratey.  In the meanwhile, Jen leaves Marceaux and the other coaches to handle the remainder of the bowling tournament, while she goes with her parents to her aunt's birthday party in Appleton.  Also, Tim, McKenna, Annissa and Tommy are on the way home from Silver Birch.  By the time they get to Crivitz, Chrissy is already there, so Tim stops at his house to get Annissa's bag, and proceeds to drop her off at the Hucek's home.  The Hucek's, who needed to go to Camp Daniel to get the remainder of their clothes (they stayed in the Hartley House for 4 wks, while their home was being redone) then brought Annissa (and her homework) to Camp Daniel.  Annissa promptly took a recover-from-retreat-nap, before starting on her homework.  At about 4, Marceaux and the guys took Crystal home, then came back to Camp Daniel.  Meanwhile, back in Kimberly, Anthony is talking his mom into staying overnight so that he can trick or treat on Halloween with his cousins.  Grandma will bring him back after that on Monday evening.  So Karol and Tony leave Kimberly at 7 and go to the Kocian's home where Molly is waiting for a ride back home.  After that stop, they head over to Festival Foods on Lineville road, where Jen's parents are dropping her off so that she can get back to Camp Daniel too.  So at 10 pm everyone is at home.  And they didn't even leave anyone behind!