Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday November 10

Much work has been completed on the grounds since our last blog entry.  In addition to "every day's a work day", we had an official work day last Saturday.  A group of Architecture students came from NWTC, and Jeff Sielaf brought up a friend that's a retired teacher.  We were also excited to have missionary Jared Kostreva work that day.  Plus he's worked every day this week!  In the above picture, the 6 bunkbeds that have been worked on the past couple work days received two coats of poly. 
 The photos above and below show Tony and the guys working on a concrete pour.  They did this before the work day.  The area is by the lake, and will be for the grill area, which will be completed next year.
 Back to the work day.  Above you see work being done on the gable end of  Molly's.  It will be sheeted and cedar shaked.  Below you can see repair work being done from where the tree fell on Marceaux' electric shack.
 A small group finished putting the ballisters on the railing.
 Since the roof needed to be repaired, we took the opportunity to put steel roofing on.
 Below you see another end of Molly's getting prepped for cedar shakes.
 Jared came to Camp Daniel without much masonry experience, but by now, as his raw tired hands will attest, he's a pro at tuck pointing around the cultured stone.  Since Saturday, he did all of Molly's porch (shown below), and all of the Lumberjack Lodge.  You have no idea how happy this makes us...especially Tony, as he's the only other person that knows how to do this job.  And a big job it is.  It feels like there's miles and miles of this stuff on the grounds, so what he's accomplished this week makes a huge dent.
The work group also put tar paper down on the floor in one bathroom of the Trapline Lodge.  The paper will protect the floor from the plaster, which will be the next step in that room. 

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