Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update on Camp Daniel

     Snow, snow, and more snow! Did we mention that there has been a lot of snow? With all this snow, Tony has been out plowing Camp Daniel, the Kelly's place since they are in Kenya right now, and the Brunot House with the guys shoveling the rest of the snow the plow can't get. But before he could do all of this, Tony had to fix the joystick for the plow. It had wires in it that needed resoldering. Tony and Karol have also been creating a new brochure to put in group homes and for caregivers.

     Jen and Marceaux have been in Montana for the last couple of weeks. They just got back today. They were speaking at Marceaux's church and at a college. They drove straight through without stopping. That's a 22 hour drive and with a baby!! They made it there and back safely.

     Since Jen and Marceux were gone, Molly and Justin were left in charge of the Special Olympics team. They had to make sure that everybody got to the events safely, keep score for all the games, and supervise the whole shabang. Molly has also been getting ready for Trish to move in on Sunday. She has also has been working on camper birthday cards for the next three months. Justin just started going through the entire address book on the computer and adding a picture to every contact.

     Tim and Janice were in Hawaii this past week for a vacation. They were supposed to get back yesterday but Janice had to go to the hospital because of an intense pain in her side. We have been praying for them to return home safe and sound.

Last Saturday, Shopko donated a 53 foot semi trailer for dry storage. Terri Welsch works with Shopko and made the connection. We will be moving a lot of things from the unfinished dorm to the trailer to make room in the dorm so we can finish it. Thanks to Shopko for helping us make this happen!!

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