Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter = Work

Winter at Camp Daniel is the time many projects inside get finished. Justin has gone through all of the old computers and electronics that cluttered the office. He also set up new computer for Tony Sr, wondering how Sr. got any work done on the 6 year old one he was using! Molly has been working on the Summer Camp Manuel, a huge undertaking, but very needed. Pastor Tim and Janice has been very busy working in the community, building relationships and shepherding the members of The Able Church. Pastor Tim volunteers at the CP Center Pool each week as well as visiting throughout the week. Tim also comes up to Athelstane for the weekly staff meeting and fellowship on Tuesdays. Jen and Marceaux have been visiting church in Marinette county on Sundays this year. Little Tony has asked them to begin pursuing another Able Church opportunity in the county.  Jen, Marceaux, Molly and Justin also are Pastor Tim's staff at the Able Church, teaching bible studies, coaching and managing special olympics, and doing all that it takes to have a church community. Tony Sr oversaw the annual Camp Daniel Board meeting, spending much time preparing the annual report and forecasts for the coming year. Sr. manages all the business affairs for Camp Daniel. These few mentioned tasks are just a snippet of what each missionary does at Camp Daniel. Things such as construction, maintenance of the grounds and vehicles, camp preparation, planning, visiting, fundraising and day to day operations are just some of what happens.

The Mighty Men of Camp Daniel have waved the white flag in surrender as winter 2013 has them dreaming of summer! We have had more more snow this winter than the last many years combine. This means the Mighty Men have been shoveling snow at least 4 days each week. With Little Tony in the plow truck, Karol in the tractor with the snowblower, Nick pushing another snowblower and Richard, Brian and Jake pushing shovels it has ben a daily battle against the snow, sleet and ice. It takes aprox 1 and 1/2 days to make the drives and walks safe after a snow, so this means the better part of winter has been spent shoveling. With Justin living on the grounds, it has brought the awareness of the ice to a new level in order that his wheelchair would not get stuck.
Karol has been busy designing and decorating as rooms get finished. The first two pictures are of the lakefront bathroom, where she sowed a shower curtain and designed and made a Little Newton Lake sign that match the glass tiles in the room.

Left: Karol has spent much time in the dorms painting the bathrooms with logos and making signs for out side the doors that she designed on the computer.

Right: Winter work days have begun, with groups and churches coming to help get to the finish of the second dorm,(Trapline Lodge). 30 Students from Silver Birch Ranch/Nicolet Bible Institute came in February for a work retreat weekend to help build shelves and clear out the remaining two bathrooms in that lodge so finishing can happen. David Detloff has been working several days a week with the guys and is framing and getting the rooms ready to tile on coming workdays. David has also finished the trim and lighting in the Nature Center as well as putting in the new flooring and trim in the Craft Cabin. Tony and Karol will begin decorating and furnishing the craft Cabin (The Factory as its named) next week.
Tony says that trapline lodge will be finished by
summer if enough volunteers come to help in its
finish. Marceuax has been hanging lights and trim
of the heating ducts.

Pastor Tim, Little Tont, Karol and Jeff Seilaff have been working with an architect and builder to finish up the plans for the new Maintainence facility. Plans are to break ground in May!
The workroom and tools have ben condensed to one room in order to finish the rest of the dorm. Shopko has donated a semi trailer to  serve as temporary storage so the dorm and current garages can be cleaned out and finished.
Above: Counselor Luke Kotecki brought a committee from his job at Trudell Trailers in Green Bay. The visit saw the committee from Trudel recommend for a gift to Camp Daniel to be given. The gift was used to purchase brand new mattresses for the entire Lumberjack lodge. These mattresses are very comfortable. hey are made from an adult weight foam which most camps do not use and they are covered with breathable waterproof fabric instead of the typical plastic. The blue color also looks nice in the rooms
Above and left:
Little Tony and the guys finished off his office and the Hartley House Garage. With Tony moving into his new office, Jen and Marceaux and MJ took over his old one (above). All the movement offered much more storage and the conference room was cleaned out, now ready for cabinets to get built in this spring

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