Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Work Days

 October 11 and 18 were the last two work days for the year.  We were blessed with great weather and even better helper both days.  The above photo is the wellness center in the new building.  It was drywalled, taped and the first coat of plaster was applied.
 On the 11th, a group from First Reformed Church, of Sheboygan falls made the trip up for the work day.  They worked in the barn and in the old garage.  In the photo above, the guys were getting started on closing in the one backstage room that connects to the current tool room.  The area needed to be insulated and drywalled so that the area and it’s annex, can be heated this winter.  By the end of the day, they had all the drywall up.  Since then, Nick and the guys taped and mudded the room. Trish, and Betty painted it.  And Tony and Stevo put up shelving.  It’s all ready for cold weather!
The weather for the work days was nice enough to get some things done outside.  In the photo above, some guys are working with Richard to finish the retaining wall that was started by a youth group this summer.  In the pic below, Ron and Don are digging in fence posts along the edge of the barn’s property.

Tony found two windows at Habitat for Humanity that were a perfect fit for the two backstage windows in the barn.  It took 3 scaffolds of height to reach the window!
The group from The Able Church came up on the 18th for their annual fall leaf raking at Camp Daniel.  A group also went to the Brunot house to split firewood from trees that had fallen earlier this year.

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