Friday, November 14, 2014

House Swap

The big move happened at the beginning of October.  Marceaux, Jen & MJ packed their things and moved from the Brunot House back onto the Camp Daniel grounds into the Chicagami House, where Molly & Trish lived. At the same time, Molly, Trish, and our new intern, Betty, moved into the Brunot House.  Jake also moved from the Brunot House onto the Camp Daniel grounds into the Hartley House, with the rest of the guys. He took Justin’s room as he moved into an apartment in Green Bay.

Though the move was a lot of work and required change, it has been good for everyone.  Having the Burys move back to camp has allowed Marceaux to be closer for maintenance of things needing repair. The move allowed Jen to be connected more and be apart of things even when MJ is home napping. MJ loves playing on the carpet ball tables, the swing set, and going to the garage with daddy.

Having the girls move to the Brunot House has allowed space for Betty to move in. It has also opened up space for potentially two female residents.

The moved required a bit of sacrifice and willingness for change.  It is easy to get comfortable, sentimental, and possessive when it comes to living spaces and stuff. Moving brings a lot of those emotions to the forefront, especially the more people that are involved. The Burys had to downsize, the girls had to move off the grounds, and things had to change from what got comfortable.

Things like this remind us what we are here for and that we truly are missionaries, living in community. One may wonder what real sacrifices we have to make living here in the United States. We don’t have to give up plumbing, electricity or fast food. However, we regularly need to put our personal desires and comforts aside for the good of the group and the moving forward of the vision set before us. Had one person not been willing to move, change would have been halted.  There would not have been room for Betty. There would not be room to add female residents and expand our group home options.  The Burys would not have gained the connection they need during this time of their lives while raising a child.

We are grateful that we live in a community that is willing to sacrifice and except change in order to further the vision God has given us and care for each other's needs. 

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