Thursday, January 8, 2015

Give your old cell phone, laptop, GPS, soup labels and more….

Camp Daniel collects old (working or broken) items in which we submit for reimbursement. Here is a list of items we accept.

-MP3 Players
-GPS Devices
-Digital Cameras
-Radar Detectors
-Empty Ink Cartridges
-Pop Cans
-Labels for Education – Campbell Soup UPCs 

Labels for Education include a variety of brands and products besides Campbell Soups! Dannon, Bic, Post Cereals, V8, Swanson, Pace, Prego, Emerald, Pop Secret, Wolfgang Puck & Pepperidge Farms are accepted. 

Here’s the link to all the brands we accept. 

Currently, we receive bonus points for Pepperidge Farm labels. These items would include Goldfish: Crackers & Grahams; Frozen: Garlic Breads, 3-layer Cake, Turnovers & Puff Pastry; Bread: breads, croutons, rolls & stuffing, cookies, & crackers. This special bonus ends Feb 7th.  Help us out!

Labels points get turned in and allow us to purchase items from a catalog such as office supplies. Labels that give us the most point year round include Dannon Kids Yogurt : Danimals; Emerald: Nuts, Yogurt Bites, & Breakfast on the Go!

Support Camp Daniel and make your work or church a collection site! Set out a box and put up a sign! We can help with signage if you need, let us know!

All items can be dropped off anytime of the year at the Camp Daniel office or at The Able Church in Green Bay (1840 W. Mason St).  If you do not give to staff member directly, please put note on your item that says “Old Camera (or whatever item you have) for Camp Daniel Reimbursement”. Thank you!!!

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