Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stevo Hays?

Steve Hayes (AKA Stevo) has been with us last week. He is from Seattle and was in town for some speaking engagements. Stevo has been one of our regular summer camp speakers and is a big part of the Camp Daniel family.

 Stevo’s main message he shares is that we all have value and are valued by God. He also shares that God wants those who come to him to be glad and live a happy life, as expressed in Psalms 105:3-5. Therefore, Stevo has coined the phrase, “Happy Life” as a means to share this message and help people to live a life God wants for them. 

While Stevo was here, we helped him create memorabilia with the Happy Life logo on it. 
Stevo & MJ sporting the Happy Life hats!

A huge part of Stevo’s ministry, besides his speaking engagements, is his videos he creates and shares on the Internet. Therefore, while he was here, Tony and Anthony help him create his videos. You can check out his videos at

While he was here, Stevo also helped the progress of the Trapline Lodge. 

Camp Daniel is grateful for the relationship it has with Stevo and his ministry.  He has touched lives of our staff personally as well as Camp Daniel campers and counselors at large. If Stevo has touched your life in any way, drop him a note to encourage him or consider donating to him and his ministry. Also, if you would like Stevo to speak at your church, school, or organization, please contact him. Just go to his website at

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