Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Newest Missionary at Camp Daniel!

Welcome Chalsee, the newest missionary at Camp Daniel! Chalsee moved to the Brunot House the beginning of May. Here she is pictured with her roommate, Trish (left).

Chalsee has been attending camp since she was 8 years old and for many years desired to live at camp. She graduated from Kewaunee High School and attended NWTC - Green Bay for 2 years. Her favorite classes were Gardening, Art and Cooking! These classes were perfect to prepare Chalsee for ministry here at Camp Daniel, as she assists Trish in the garden and in the kitchen!! There will also be art projects continually going on, as art is a big part of what we do at camp.

Chalsee wanted to let everyone know that she may seem shy at first, but once you get to know her, she will talk ALOT.

Chalsee is grateful to all those who helped her achieve her goals and reach her dreams. We are all happy to have Chalsee with us and excited to continue to watch her grow into the woman God has created her to be.

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