Sunday, May 17, 2015

What's Been Going On At Camp Daniel??

It's a busy time a year for all of us at Camp Daniel! Since the changing of the seasons, there is much more to do outside- construction and taking care of the grounds. Yet at the same time, we are busily focused on preparing for the summer camp season!

Tony has been spending countless hours on the bulldozer landscaping and creating a road leading to the back of the new garage (the lower, backside of the Barn). This needs to be done by the end of the month in order for the cement trucks that are coming to pour the concrete basement floor.

Loads of gravel was brought in for the new road and to keep the cement trucks from getting stuck in the dirt.

Once the basement floor is poured, we can move all the items from the old garage to the new one, which will allow us to continue the remodel process of the old garage into the Dinning Hall - the last item needed to finally have camp here in on our grounds!

The guys have been spending many hours plastering the foyer, bathrooms, closets and the Fitness Room in the upper level of the Barn.

This is the Fitness Room. When it is finished, we will be able to put all the exercise equipment that was donated to camp in here. Currently, it is filling one of the rooms in the lodge. So, once we move the equipment, we can finish putting in bunks and the finishing touches to the lodge!

At the beginning of this month, the guys put the docks in! It's a lot of work to move the docks in the water and set them up, not to mention the water is still quite cold.

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