Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Able Trek Tours

Last week, Karol & Trish returned from a 7 day Able Trek Tour to Graceland and Branson. Able Trek Tours is a company that sets up vacations for people with disabilities and provides volunteers to help them on their trip.  

Their first stop was Branson, MO. There they went to four shows including Legends in Concert, which included impersonators of The Blues Brothers, Kenny Chesney, & Elvis, to name a few. 

Then it was off to Memphis with a tour Sun Studio (the birthplace of Rock N' Roll)

and a tour through Graceland to see Elvis! Karol & Trish both were matched up with two travelers. They all enjoyed the trip and the relationships they made.

The majority of the Camp Daniel staff go on Able Trek Tours regularly. During our summer camps, as staff, we miss the opportunity to be matched with a camper and really build a relationship. Able Trek gives us that opportunity, helping us personally connect to the lives of people with disabilities. We encourage you to take a trip! abletrektours.com

Here is Trish with her most adored legend - Elvis!
(PS-Trish collects Elvis items, if you ever want to surprise her)

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