Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Work Day!

This past weekend, Camp Daniel had a work day with over 50 people helping! We had several different groups that came to serve including The Able Church, New Life Church, Celebrate Recovery, Meadows Christian Fellowship and a handful of individuals.

Jobs included staining the ramp and deck at the Brunot House,

 Raking leaves,
A very old pop-up camper was striped down to its frame. We will be making a Carnival trailer for Carnival Day to store the carnival games and utilize during the carnival.

Trenches were dug for conduit for wiring.

Landscaping jobs included pushing and raking gravel and dirt. Fencing was also installed.

Maintenance and rebuilding of gulf carts.
With over 50 people, we served lunch in two shifts!

Thank you to all who came out to serve! We currently do not have anymore scheduled workdays before our summer camp season. However, if you or your group would like to come serve, please contact us and we can arrange a day or several days for you.

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