Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday April 9, 2010

Gotta love Wisconsin!! In how many places can you wear shorts on Monday and be shoveling snow on Thursday! We awoke Thursday morning to 5" of the wet heavy stuff. It was actually quite pretty (especially knowing that it won't last long) Below is the wood shed that Tony and the guys made this week. It holds lots of wood, a bin for paper, and it has a counter for s'more making. On the side are handy contraptions to hold the marshmallow sticks. With a lot of scrap 2x4's and scrap siding, Tony made his niece, Molly, a play house. He and the guys started it on Easter, and are bringing it to Appleton today. He cut metal for the roof,which will be attached on location. He also put the metal on the roof of the wood shed, and on the back of a workbench that's on the porch.
Tim got the floor done! Two coats of finish, a sanding, and a final coat, gave this floor a beautiful, durable sheen. We absolutely love it. Karol ordered the additional colors that we'll need for the remaining cabins this week.

Before winter returned, Tim also did some trim work on the craft cabin so that volunteers can finish the exterior during our upcoming work days.

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