Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, October 4

This past week has been more quiet around here than is usual. It reminds me to be extra thankful for the blessing that being a missionary is. Granted, there are many weeks that we, at Camp Daniel, work double and triple time, but it really is nice to be able to have a week like we did last week. Molly was able to go to her parents' and visit with a family friend, whom is dying of cancer. She was visited with an uncle, whom lives out of town, that she doesn't see much. Jen and Marceaux spent the week in Green Bay. Sunday and Monday nights, Jen spent the night at a hospital in Green Bay to minister to and be supportive of, Judy, Amanda's mom, as Amanda's grandmother was dying. On Monday, Jen helped Amanda and Sarah work on speeches that they were go give at the Down Syndrome Awareness walk last Saturday. Amanda's grandma, Evelyn, did die on Tuesday, and Jen helped with funeral arrangements the rest of the week. Tuesday evening, Jen, Sabrina and Sarah went to Amanda's to visit with her. They made dinner, and watched a movie together. Isn't all that what friendship and ministry are all about?!
Early Wednesday morning, Jen, Marceaux and Tony headed for O'Hare Airport for a day of round table discussion with other disability ministers from around the country. After the meetings, they drove to downtown Chicago, as Marceaux had never been there. He was impressed by the sights. Then they stopped for dinner at Ed Debevic's, a fifties diner style restaurant. Afterwards they headed home. It was a long day, as Tony didn't get home till after midnight. Earlier in the week, Marceaux was working on the Mega Micro Mini Bus. The disability walk went well on Saturday.

Also last Saturday, was the second annual Mega Car Show for Kids. Tony spent the better part of last week preparing for that. The weather last Saturday was better than last year, but not as pleasant as we would have liked. We're already preparing for next year.

Tim Kelly spent the better part of last week with his mom in Green Bay, as she had surgery on Wednesday, went home on Thursday to start recuperation. Again, what a blessing to be able to take the time to take care of family and be a blessing for others. Today, Tim is finished drywalling the ceiling in the dorm and started plastering it. The goal is to have the next work day group paint that ceiling, so that the work room can be moved into that room.

Chrissy has been working on the newsletter this past week or so. It's getting close. We are not writers around here, so the editing is pretty heavy. As a matter of fact, Chrissy just asked me to go over it again.

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