Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday February 21, 2012

 This past weekend, Camp Daniel hosted the 2nd annual Able Church Winter Retreat.  There were 50 attendees at the retreat, which made for a full Hartley House at mealtimes!  We had great weather and took full advantage.  The schedule included chapel services (Aubrey Crawford as the guest speaker), small group time, indoor games, movie and popcorn night and outdoor games.  My photos were all taken during the outdoor rec time.
 I've titled the photo below "Got Snow?"  Elijah had a blast eating snow with George!!
 Many attendees played "monkey ball"  which is a like soccer on ice with your hands instead of feet.
 We got decorations up in each of the 4 cabins of Lumberjack Lodge.  Each room has one large shelf that displays an old chainsaw, hard hat and other misc. lumberjack tools.  Above each shelf is a branch that goes with the theme of the room.  The photo below is Jack Pine.
 The pic below is the Sugar Maple Cabin.  I purposefully got the surrounding beds because it's just exciting to see the rooms get used!  On the wall to the left of the doorway, is a two man saw and metal signs for chainsaws and maple leaf something or the other.  Each room has one a similar arrangement on the wall.  Each room also has 3 16x20 framed black and white photos of old lumberjack scenes.  The frames were painted in an aged finish that matches the color of each room.

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