Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13, 2012

 We've all been working quite a bit at DJ's house.  The pic above is the dining area.  The ceiling and upper part of the walls are painted.  Rick Bub came and helped one day last week.  He hung the new light fixtures that go over the dining table, the island and over the sink.
 Jerod and Tim spent two days last week plastering.  There was so much moisture in the house that the windows were dripping with condensation.  We put some fans in there, and now the living room and mudroom/entry are ready to be painted.  They also finished the first coat of plaster in most of the garage.
Tony also installed a new crown molding on the kitchen cabinets.  It makes them look so much nicer!  The pantry has part of the shelving installed.  Both bathrooms have been painted.  Tony installed a new sink top in DJ's bath, which looks great.  Jen's mom and dad came last Thursday to help, and Jen's dad put together an over-the-toilet cabinet and a shelving unit.
Molly has been busy inputting all of the camper names and addresses into our new address book.  Chrissy has started the next Camp Daniel newsletter.  Karol has been busy trying to keep up with the mail/bills in the office.  It's just a fraction of what Papa Tony normally does, yet it's keeping her quite busy.  Jen and Marceaux made a presentation last week at Rasmussen college.  It was a fundraiser for the teachers.  We got a nice donation, and hopefully we'll get a counselor or two as well!  Planning is still going strong for the banquet on the 23rd.  Ticket orders are still coming in.   If you haven't ordered your tickets yet, you should soon!!  Last Thursday, Jim and Bill, from Our Lady Catholic Youth Group, Rosemont, IL, came up for the afternoon to decide on what projects their youth group will work on this summer, when they come for a work week.  We have been very very blessed by all that this youth group has done over the past several summers.  This summer is shaping up to be another great one!
Today Tony nailed down the speakers for each week of camp. We also had a delivery of another group of bunk beds.  These will be used in the second dorm, (Trapline Lodge).

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