Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13, 2012

 So here's the last set of pics from DJ's house.  This is Jen and Marceaux's bathroom.  Like DJ's bath, it received minor updates that have a big impact.  We replaced the sink top, sink base, lighting, and mirror.
We also painted the walls, and added a bank of cabinets for some much needed storage.
 The above left photo was from prior to the purchase.  We changed the wall between the living room and kitchen.
 We added lighting, oak posts and a half wall where there had been a full wall.  There will be a 14" deep wood counter at this wall.  It will have 3 or 4 counter stools.  We changed all of the lighting in the kitchen, and replaced the countertops.

 Here's the beginning stages in the garage.  We laid plastic, then 2" foam, then plywood.
 The following pics show the progression of change in Jen and Marceaux' room.

We did install carpeting in the entire garage area including the hallway and stairs leading to the garage end of the house.  The trim and doors are in as well as plenty of shelving in the closets.  Of course, there's just too much stuff to show it all!  So you'll have to come for a visit and see it all first hand.  DJ is a very proud landlord, and loves to show it off!!

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