Sunday, October 20, 2013

Camp Daniel Update

It's getting colder and colder each day here at Camp Daniel. The leaves keep on falling and winter is coming fast! Since all of the leaves are falling, that means the grounds are covered in them. Well, Trish needed to mow the grass one last time before winter arrives but couldn't because of all the leaves. So, for in order for Trish to mow the grass, Nick, Steve, Trish, and the guys went around and raked some leaves. Now, in the last blog post, we said that the Able Church would rake when they came up for a workday. But don't worry! There are still plenty of leaves to be raked!

Tony and Tim Mandich went to Indianapolis for a Disability Leadership Conference this week. So, when Tony was gone, Nick, Steve, and the guys put up drywall and plastered the seams in the new addition on the garage. They spent a couple of days working on that. It's looking pretty good! When it is finished, we are going to move the tool room down the so we can finish the Trapline Lodge.

After they did that, they went up to the work room and cleaned it. It was really dirty!

Who remembers Messy Games? Who can forget, right? Well, do you remember at the end of Messy Games the is a huge water fight? Well, all of those squirt guns needed to be cleaned out, and somebody had to figure out which ones didn't work anymore. Justin and Molly spent a whole day cleaning, drying, and sorting through all of the water guns! There was only a handful of them that didn't work.

Tony and Karol have been continuously working on the blueprints for the Dining Hall/Kitchen. There have been a total of fourteen rough drafts in sixteen years! Well, they have finished what they hope to be he last one! And it is amazing!

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