Friday, October 25, 2013

Camp Daniel

Winter is soon coming! It started to snow here yesterday, and guess what? A little bit stayed on the ground for about fifteen minutes! Pretty soon we'll have a foot of snow! Well, we all know what holiday is in winter, Christmas! Everybody loves getting Christmas cards from friends and family. Molly has been writing Christmas cards to send out to each camper! She also puts a picture of everybody that was in their cabin that week.

Another thing that comes around this time of year is the Camp Daniel newsletters get sent out! Molly, Justin, Karol, and Trish spent the afternoon on Wednesday putting address labels on all of the newsletters! After that was done, Trish and Jen brought them to the post office.

As well as the newsletters, Tony and Karol have been working really hard on the craft cabin! It has come a really long way. They have been working day and night, and it looks great!

The Able Attack's first volleyball tournament is next Saturday! This past summer, Justin's home church raised money in their VBS program for new uniforms for the team. Justin and Jen have been working together to buy new uniforms. They look really awesome! We will put a picture on here when they are delivered.

Justin has also been working with Pastor Tim to create an Able Church website! It has been a very long process, but it will be done soon! All that's left is putting the pictures in where they need to go!

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