Thursday, November 14, 2013

Going back to October...

Going back a bit in time for today’s blog.  Camp Daniel hosted a work day Oct 26th.  While leaves were being raked outside, Karol was working inside on the frosted glass for The Factory’s front door.  First, a design was made with specialized computer software.  The design features The Factory in a stencil font with different shapes and sizes of gears arranged around the perimeter.  Then the design was cut out of vinyl with the digital cutter machine.  The positive elements were pealed away leaving a sticky vinyl stencil.  The stencil ( in green in the pic to the right) was firmly applied to the door.  Then the areas of the door around the window were all taped off, so that the spray on etching could be applied in several light layers.

Here’s the end result!
We are still working on The Factory.  When it’s all done, we will do a post showing the progression of the project.  So look for that in the next few weeks!
A group from The Able Church comes to Camp Daniel each fall for a work day of raking leaves.  We really appreciate their dedication and support. Not only did they get all the fallen leaves raked, but they also did  some other outdoor projects.  They shoveled gravel into wheel barrels and moved the rock to Trapline Lodge, where many hands were at work putting in a length of plastic garden edging, weed barrier, and finally gravel.

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