Monday, November 25, 2013

Bell Choir

A few Sundays ago, the Camp Daniel staff and many from the Able Church, were proud to be invited
 to the United Methodist Church in Oconto.  The invite was specifically for the bell choir.  The service featured two different bell choir songs.  The first one featured Camp Daniel and Able supporters, but for the second number, we invited those from the congregation to join in.  You can see that in the second pic.  The pastor was also gracious enough to give Tony 10 minutes to present Camp Daniel.  Wow.  He can really talk fast when he needs to.  He covered the history of CD, summer camps, the grounds, Able Church, how you can help and our philosophy of disability ministry!  It is a super friendly church, and they were very responsive.  We were even invited back again another time.
After the service the church put on a wonderful potluck dinner, during which we were able to get to know the pastor and some others from the congregation better.
Thanks goes out to Judy Schuessler, for organizing and being the middle man in all of this.  Also, thanks to all those who participated.  We were very excited at the excellent turnout!

We are also excited to continue the relationship forged with this congregation.

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