Monday, March 9, 2015

Burys in Montana

Every year, the Burys head to Montana for the Global Outreach Conference at Grace Bible Church in Bozeman. Marceaux grew up Bozeman and attended GBC. Since Marceaux moved out to Wisconsin and has been a full time missionary with Camp Daniel, GBC has elected the Burys as one of their supporting missionary partners. The conference gave the Burys a chance to connect with GBC, share what they are doing, and be encouraged by the congregation and the other missionaries attending.

They had the opportunity to speak to several Sunday school classes and home groups. It was real exciting to speak to young students from 3yrs of age to 5th grade.  Using Georgie, the camp puppet, they gave the message that “God Loves You, God Made You, & God has a plan for Your Life”. They shared that having a disability simply means you need help, and we all need help. They shared that God planned everyone even before time began, so no one is a mistake.  One of the 4th graders came up to Jen, after Sunday school, and excitedly shared, “I have Cerebral Palsy” as if it were her first time she celebrated that. Jen replied, “That’s awesome! God has a great plan for your life!” Later in the week, the pastor’s wife shared with us that this same little girl had excitedly expressed all she learned in Sunday school that day.  It encouraged the Bury’s greatly to hear how this message impacted this girl and many others!

GBC encouraged all Missionary Partners to form a Support Team. A support team consists of members from GBC who are willing to come around the Burys to help meet their needs.  This team would pray for them regularly, address physical needs, encourage them, but most of all, serve as a mediator to communicate their needs, as well as, the mission of Camp Daniel to GBC at large. This is a wonderful concept and if you interested in forming a support team for our other missionaries here at Camp Daniel, let us know!

This trip also allowed for the Burys to reconnect with past Missions Team members that came out to serve during the summer camps, as well as recruit another team for this summer! 

While they were there, they stayed with Marceaux’s parents. Some great Gumpa & Grammy time for MJ!

The Burys thank GBC for their continued support and encouragement to them!

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