Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday, January 23

Last week Molly worked on the Able Church bulletin and postcards for the Able Valentine dinner. She spend some time writing thank you notes to her supporters, and she continued her work on putting together a Bible study on Corrie Ten Boom that she will be starting soon with the girls. This week Molly went to the Weidners from Tuesday night after Able Family Night til Friday evening before Able Church. She forgot how much toddlers can wear a person out!

Tim and the Guys
They've been working in the women's dorm installing drywall on the ceilings and insulating. Tim met with the "heating guy" this week. They'll be installing the heat next week, which is great news because it's not too warm in there, plus we have many work days coming up.

Did you catch that? Work days will involve a heated can you NOT come and help???

Jen and Marceaux
Last week Jen gave the Hartley House guys haircuts. She and Marceaux visited with some campers between working on Able Church stuff and fixing Weidner's van. Like Molly, Jen sent out thank you's to supporters and volunteer drivers for Able. Jen did the sermon at Able last Friday too.

Last week Tony tied up alot of loose ends before leaving for Florida. He also spent many a day cleaning his office and getting his new computer ready to use. If you've had the pleasure of an encounter with Little Tony's office, you may understand the full extent of the job. Tony left for Florida on Wednesday. He is staying with Jim and Rhonette Hukill. On Thursday he attended a meeting with leaders in the LIFT Disability Ministry Network. On Friday the Northland Church Disability Conference started and Tony taught one breakout session the first night. Saturday the conference continued and he participated as part of a 3 person panel to answer questions on disability ministry agenda. Saturday night he went to a dinner with other disability leaders and pastors that included disability ministry pioneer Ginny Thornburgh (who's article appears in the Christianity Today This month) and pastor Joel Hunter of Northland Church. Sunday morning he will travel to the coast to preach at The Special Gathering Chapels and spend the evening with Linda Howard, Richard Stimson and Carmine Dibiase who are Special Gathering Pastors and all have been Camp Daniel Speakers. Monday he will be getting together with Joni and Friends Regional Coordinators and having a birthday dinner for Laura Lee Wright with the Hukills.

Karol worked last week painting a living room for a friend of a friend. She's been getting some things organized for camp and just doing lots of little stuff like taking DJ to the doctor for a check up. Since Tony left she's been painting Annissa's room. She wanted her room redone for her birthday, which is February 1st. I'll blog some pics for the next blog. It's taking longer than expected and the "to do list" isn't shrinking fast enough considering she's leaving for Florida on Tuesday morning.

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