Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday, January 2

Happy New Year from all of us at Camp Daniel!

We celebrated New Year's Eve with campers, Amanda, Crystal and Sarah. Amanda's family brought them all here and visited with us for a few hours. The girls spent the night at Molly/Jen's. We played games, ate junk food and watched funniest home videos. Then we all slept in the next day.

Yesterday, the Kelly's ended their 26 hour journey from Montana and ended safely at home. We all miss them, but are glad that they had a good time visiting Tim's family for Christmas. In the morning, Tony went to their home to bring their dog, Patch, back and plow them out.

In the afternoon everyone left to go to Able, where we're still being stretched. Molly led worship, and did a great job.

Marceaux was busy this week. He helped Tim Mandich with mechanic work on his car, did the bible study with the guys, and joined Jen and Tim M. at Aspiro. Tuesday they went there to have lunch with many of our campers. It was Tim and Marceaux's first time, so they got the full tour. The trips to Aspiro have been a great way to keep in contact with campers, get new campers and even some volunteers. The workers and volunteers at Aspiro all know and like Jen, so she's been the face of Camp Daniel to many of these people.

Jen is still working quite regularly in pound doing therapy.

Tony set up an email account for Marceaux. It's He also spent made a blog for Jen and Marceaux. It's Check it out! Also this week, Tony spent a bunch of time working on a brochure for the 3rd annual Mega Super Bowl party that Living Hope Church. It's a great blend of newcomers to Mega, long time attendees of Living Hope and Able Church members.

Everyone seems to be catching up on paperwork this week. Lots of bills, forms, and budgets are flying around!

The kids are enjoying their time off of school. Anthony's been doing science experiments that he finds on youtube and Annissa's been relishing in sleeping in every morning. One of her highlights has been the sleepover she had with best friend Ruth Hucek, her sister Grace, and Emily Neitzer. Emily and Grace were both counselors last year at camp and the younger girls really look up to them.

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